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Hosted Power

Hosted Power was looking for a way to take their remote meetings to the next level.
They were interested in solutions for Video Conferencing and Wireless Presenting.
lg screen

LG Presentation Displays

We installed an LG 55" screen in their conference room.
These LG screens have 4K resolution, superior image quality and high brightness and are non-reflective, making them ideal for giving presentations and for video conferencing and even for displaying all your Digital Signage messages thanks to the built-in WebOs player.

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logitech video conferencing

Video Conferencing

The meeting room was equipped for Video Conferencing with a Logitech Rally Bar, an all-in-one video conferencing system (microphone + speaker + camera) with great image quality and where the camera automatically focuses on the people talking. The Rally Bar can be used stand-alone (via USB) and in appliance mode, where supported video conferencing applications (such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams Rooms) can be run directly on the device.
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Wireless Presentation

The screen was equipped with a ScreenBeam, a top device that allows you to present wirelessly without apps or dongles, from any device. The ScreenBeam is mounted behind the screen so that it is not visible. When not presenting wirelessly, the screens can also be used for Digital Signage via the ScreenBeam. The Logitech Rally Bar can also be addressed wirelessly for Video Conferencing via the ScreenBeam Conference app.

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meeting management

Hardware + Installatie

IKANDA helpt steeds bij de keuze van zowel software als hardware én staat in voor de configuratie en installatie ter plaatse. De schermen bij Forum Advocaten werden opgehangen en de Airtame en de video conferencing oplossing werden volledig gebruiksklaar gemaakt.  Ook voor alle ondersteuning na installatie zijn we steeds bereikbaar.



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