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Municipality of Harderwijk

App for Desk and Room booking linked to Topdesk

municipality of hardwijk

In the context of The New Way of Working (hnw), the Municipality of Harderwijk was looking for a solution that could show the actual occupancy of their meeting rooms and workplaces, with which workplaces and rooms could be reserved, and which could also be linked to Topdesk, their existing reservation tool.

Flexwhere Software

For meeting room and workplace management at Municipality of Harderwijk, Flexwhere was chosen. This cloud application can be integrated with Active Directory and many reservation tools (Exchange, Office365, Google Apps, Planon, Topdesk, ...). Via the FlexWhere app, all information can also be consulted outside the office.
Flexwhere has a workplace and a meeting module.

Workplace and meeting room management

With Flexwhere's workplace reservation software, you can check from various devices in which buildings or on which floors there are still available workspaces. Free workspace can be reserved immediately and colleagues can be easily found by name or function. With the Flexwhere software, available rooms can also be found and reserved ad hoc. Flexwhere was also linked to Topdesk, the reservation system of the Municipality of Harderwijk, in order to display current and future reservations in one clear system.
All rooms were also given room booking displays showing their current status.

Hardware + Installation

In addition to assisting in the choice of software, IKANDA also provides the most suitable hardware as well as on-site installation. 26 rooms in Harderwijk's town hall received conference room screens which were preconfigured with Flexwhere software. On site, the screens were hung on the wall or on glass.
All employees can now easily see whether a room is free (green) or occupied (red), by whom and for how long.

The solutions of FlexWhere and IKANDA have also been received with great enthusiasm by our employees. It's good to see that employees are looking for each other again faster instead of sending emails or calling because they can see at a glance whether the colleague is nearby. No more questions like "Where can I sit?", "Where is my colleague sitting?", "Where is a free meeting room?" and "What is the actual occupancy?".

Meerinzicht - Arnout Offereins
Meerinzicht - Arnout Offereins
IT specialist
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