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Van Havermaet

Eliane Peeters, IT-Network Manager at Van Havermaet:
"Due to the Covid easing and the 1.5 meter distance rule that was still in force, we went looking for a solution for reserving workplaces, both via mobile app and via browser. IKANDA has very quickly set up a test environment for us and so we could immediately experience that the Joan Workspace App proposed by them would work for us."

IKANDA offers several solutions for reserving workplaces and meeting rooms and guides you in choosing the best app in function of the business needs.
For Van Havermaet, the Joan Workspace Management App turned out to be the best choice.
joan desk booking app

Van Havermaet & Joan Desk Booking

Since Van Havermaet was looking for a solution with which workplaces can be reserved both via smartphone and browser, Joan Desk Booking App was the best choice.
With this desk booking app, employees can search for a free workplace in a very intuitive way and book immediately.

Meanwhile, 279 employees at Van Havermaet use the Joan Desk Booking App to book 190 desks spread over 5 locations.
joan desk booking app
The easiest way to find and book free desks is via a floor plan per building and per floor showing all workstations that can be booked. Workplaces can also be searched by name or based on a colleague's workplace.

Choose Joan Desk Booking and depending on the size of the project you can already start within one to two weeks.

Read more about our Desk Booking apps or request your online demo.
joan desk booking app

Our Desk Booking Apps

As a result of Covid 19, more and more companies are looking for ways to combine working from home and working at the office.
The first-come-first-serve basis is not only inefficient but can also cause a lot of frustration for employees when they arrive at the office and find that all desks have already been taken.
Read more about how desk booking apps can help with this.
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