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Room booking in 1, 2, 3

Cleverspace Room booking screens provide at-a-glance overview of which rooms are free or occupied. Linked with Office 365 and Google calendar. You can book a room with a single click. Extensive reporting on meeting room occupancy. Activate the check-in option to make sure someone has shown up, otherwise the room is automatically released.


Integration with

Cleverspace Office 365 Google integration


Meeting room reservations

All bookings made in Outlook appear on the screen. Standing in front of an available room? Book them right away.

Ending or extending meetings

If a meeting is done sooner than planned, it can be ended directly on the meeting room display to release the room again. If it runs out, it can be extended.

Check in

With this option, participants are required to confirm on the meeting room display a few minutes before or after the start of the meeting whether the meeting will actually go ahead. If the meeting is not confirmed, the room will be released again.


The web dashboard allows you to centrally manage all rooms.It also contains valuable statistics that allow administrators to track room performance and usage.


Mounting on glass, wood, stone, ...
Only 1 cable (PoE+) needed for power & data

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