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The New Way of Working applied in the offices of Allianz Belgium and the Netherlands


The move of Allianz Brussels was scheduled for early 2020 and that of Allianz Rotterdam in mid-2020. Allianz wanted to introduce the "New Way of Working (NWOW) in its new buildings, a vision in which employees work independently of location and time. Specifically, this means that employees no longer have a fixed workplace and, if they want to come to the office, they must first reserve a workplace. To implement this, Allianz chose Flexwhere's cloud Workspace module along with the Meeting Module to optimize their meeting room management. All this together with our solutions for Visitor Registration, Resource Reservation and Screens.

Desk & Asset booking

With Flexwhere's Workspace Reservation software, Allianz employees can check which floors still have available workspaces from different devices. Free workspaces can be reserved immediately and colleagues can also be found quickly. Booked workplaces that are not taken are released again after a self-defined time.
1100 workspaces in Brussels and 1100 workspaces in Rotterdam are used flexibly in this way.

Meeting room reservations

Flexwhere software allows employees to quickly get a clear overview of all free and occupied rooms in the building from any device. By linking Flexwhere to Allianz's reservation system, the latest information is always displayed. Room Booking Displays were provided in the meeting rooms themselves, showing the current reservation status: free, occupied, by whom, for how long... No-shows (nobody showed up for the meeting) are also reported.
In total, we provided 79 meeting rooms in Brussels and 90 in Rotterdam with Room Booking Displays.

Overview screens

Which flex spaces and rooms are free can be viewed on different devices (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone,...). Allianz also chose to hang a 32″ touch display on each floor with floor plans. This way, employees can immediately see where on the floor the free workspaces or meeting rooms are located. At the request of Allianz, some rooms can also be booked via this screen.
In Belgium, 12 floors were equipped with a 32″ screen and in the Netherlands 16.

Resource Reservation

Most reservation systems are tailored only to reserving rooms. Additional software is needed to order catering or to reserve IT equipment, company cars or parking. Allianz's wish was to be able to do all this from a single tool and filter based on certain criteria. Add-on Products' Resource Central software was chosen, which allows catering to be perfectly combined with the reservation of rooms and other resources, all within the familiar Outlook environment.
At Allianz a total of 180 meeting rooms were linked to Resource Central. Each service provider (catering, IT, reception, ...) receives its own login.

Visitor Registration

Allianz opted for a mainly unmanned reception. It was decided to install 3 screens in the reception area in both Belgium and the Netherlands, which were also equipped with the Resource Central software of Add-on Products. With the visitor management function of this software, a fully personalized registration flow was created, in a layout perfectly adapted to the Allianz brand identity.

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