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visitor registration

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online visitor registration


visitor badge Proxyclick
With the online badge editor the layout of the badges can be fully adapted: add a logo or QR code, change fonts and colors, add images and texts or choose from a series of design themes.

Badges can be printed in advance so that visitors do not have to wait too long at the reception desk.

All types of badges
There is a choice of different types of badges: paper or plastic badges, badges with a magnetic strip, ... what suits the company best.

Access control
Integration with your own access control system is perfectly possible.


visitor registration


online registration office
Registration in advance
Register the visitors of you company in advance via the Proxyclick dashboard or via your personal agenda. Your visitors will receive an invitation by email and they are put on the visitor list for that day.

Synchronize employee list
During check-in, visitors can choose their host from a list of suggested names. This list can be kept up-to-date by uploading an Excel file to the dashboard or by synchronizing the employee list with your account.

Returning visits
If a guest has to visit several days in succession, a recurring appointment can be made. The appointment is then automatically marked on each of those days.

Welcoming large groups
Save time by uploading group information in bulk from Excel and duplicating recurring groups. When the group arrives, the host will only receive notifications from the first and last guest.


Expected visitors can be synchronized with all calendar systems, signed agreements can be saved in OneDrive and your access control system can work hand in hand with the Proxyclick visitor registration solution.
Integration visitor registration management
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