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Visitor Registation

The correct welcoming of your visitors is the calling card of your company. Even if you opt for an unmanned reception, your visitor registration can run smoothly and efficiently.

With our app, visitors can register and unregister themselves in an intuitive and electronic way, at both manned and unmanned receptions.

The registration of deliveries can also be organized with the same app.

Our visitor registration software can also be easily linked to the Office365 environment of your company.

Read more about our visitor registration app below or request your free online demo.

How does it work?

smart reception

Smart Reception

With a smart reception, a virtual receptionist is informed of every expected visitor. This can be done by adding the email address of the virtual receptionist when scheduling the appointment or meeting. The visitors will now be recognized at check-in.
After making an appointment, visitors will receive an email with the confirmation of their appointment, the address details and a QR code to check in on arrival.
visitor registration software

Check-in & check-out with QR code

Every visitor receives an email with all the information about his appointment and a QR code. Upon arrival, they can scan their QR code and are automatically recognized and registered. Their host or hostess is automatically notified and can welcome their guests.
If visitors do not know the name of the person with whom they have an appointment, they can indicate this at check-in and a person designated by you will be notified.

When the appointment or meeting has ended, the visitor can easily and quickly check out by scanning the same QR code with the QR reader.
visitor registration app

Easy check-in and check-out

Even without a QR code, visitors can register themselves quickly and easily. First they choose the desired language and then they just have to click on the check-in button, fill in their personal details and the name of the person with whom they have an appointment and then confirm. As soon as everything has been entered correctly, the host is automatically notified.

After the appointment, the visitor can check out the same way.
visitor registration software

Organization deliveries

Parcel suppliers can register themselves and thus notify the recipient that his order has arrived.
If no recipient is known, the supplier can report this at check-in and a person designated by you will be informed of the delivery.
visitor registration office 365

Link with Office365

Thanks to the possibility to link with the O365 environment, all users can be automatically imported and integration with Outlook is possible.
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Hardware and Software

In addition to the delivery of the software, IKANDA helps you with the choice, configuration and delivery of the hardware.
The tablet can be placed on a small desk stand or can be integrated into a floor stand.
Together we look for the best solution.



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