digital flipover


Febiac was looking for a solution to replace their classic flipchart with a device that could be used for screen sharing during brainstorming sessions and also for presentations.
digital flipchart

Samsung Flip

Febiac had considered various options, but in the end, in consultation with IKANDA, they opted for the Samsung Flip.
This digital flipchart has the same ease of use as a traditional flipchart, but has been enhanced with smart, digital benefits. For example, up to 4 people can write and annotate at the same time and present and share (wirelessly) from almost all devices.
digitale flipover

Screens + Installation + Demo

In addition to guiding in the choice of the Samsung Flip, we also took care of the complete configuration and installation on site.
Afterwards we gave a short demonstration of how the device works so that they could immediately start using the digital flipchart.



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