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W46 - Event & Meeting Center

The 'W46 Event & Meeting Center' has 9 rooms that are rented out for events and meetings. They were looking for a way to make the reception of their customers and visitors more professional. Visitors and customers must be able to easily and quickly see which room has been reserved for them and, moreover, they must also easily find the rooms. Since it is an existing building, it had to be taken into account that extra or new cabling was preferably avoided.
2 rooms are equipped with our Video Conferencing solutions
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Kiosk with map and agenda

We have placed a large kiosk in the entrance hall of the Meeting & Event Center, configured with our digital signage CMS Signagelive. This allowed us to split the kiosk screen into two parts with a map at the top showing the location of all meeting rooms and a detailed agenda overview at the bottom where the guests can see in which room they are expected and whether the room is already available (IKANDA Room Finder)
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Joan Room Booking Displays

Joan Room Booking Displays were hung on all meeting rooms on the ground floor with the name of the room, information about who reserved the room and for what duration. A larger screen was placed on the 7th floor that displays the information of both rooms together.
Joan screens work on battery and WiFi and are hung by means of magnetic strips. As a result, this was the best choice for the Meeting & Event Center as it was an existing building in which no new cabling could be provided.

meeting management

Video Conferencing

2 rooms were equipped with Video Conferencing: Logitech Rally Plus with speakers and microphones in combination with the existing Barco Clickshare for wireless presentation.
Every visitor can keep using his preferred tool (Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Webex, ...) and experience a superb audio and image quality.
meeting management

Hardware + Installation

IKANDA always helps with the choice of software and hardware and is responsible for the configuration and installation on site.
On delivery, the kiosk was fully configured with the CMS Signagelive and the floor plan was created and uploaded.
The link with Office365 was made for both the agenda overview on the kiosk and for the Joan Room Booking Displays.



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